How to Add Single / Double Line Spacing in WordPress


When publishing your content, you may want to add double or single spacing to your content. WordPress makes it easy to implement these changes.

When Editing Text - Adding Line Breaks/Spacing

When needing double spacing at the end of a line, simply hit the Enter key and WordPress will skip down two lines. When you only need to add one line, simultaneously pressing Shift + Enter on .post your keyboard will produce single line spacing between your intended line break.

Using CSS to Dictate Spacing

Advanced users find it easier to dictate spacing requirements in their WordPress blog programmatically rather than visually with the text editor. By editing your CSS sheet, you can instantly add spacing into your existing and future documents. Here's how you do it.

  • On your WordPress Sidebar, select Appearance and locate Editor.
  • Navigate to your CSS file
  • Do a CTRL+F to bring up the find box. You may also visually search the code.
  • Locate .post p
  • If .post p doesn't exist, you're allowed to add one.
  • Configure or Create the value: .post p{line-height: 1.5em;}
  • Tweak the number in front of em to adjust spacing

Note: You may also adjust spacing between paragraph using this CSS code: .post p{line-height: 1.5em;padding-bottom: 20px;}


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