How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed On Your WordPress Blog Page


The default setting on your Wordpress blog page is configured to display a maximum of 10 blog posts per page. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to adjust the number of blog posts being displayed on your WordPress blog page.

Get Started: Login to Wordpress

Click Settings and locate the Reading link below. The Reading options will load and you will be presented with a few options. You'll be able to toggle whether you'd prefer your latest posts to be displayed or you can choose a static page.

Beneath that, you'll find the option that says Blog pages show at most: 10. You're able to toggle this value to restrict the amount of blog pages being displayed on your blog page at once. Click Save Changes and you should be all set. You may want to click the Visit Site link at the top of your WordPress install in order to test out the new changes.


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