How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress


Whether you want your post to be posted at a peak time when you won’t be in front of your computer or you’re going for a vacation and created suspense among your followers regarding a post, WordPress has this great feature, where you can schedule your post to be posted at any time.

To schedule a post in WordPress, log into your WordPress admin panel with your current username and password. Now create the post that you want to schedule.

If you’re done creating post, head over to the right, and you’ll see the Publish panel. In that panel, just below Visibility, you’ll find your publish information. The Immediately option is selected by default.

You’ll see the Edit link there. Click on that, and the menu will expand. Here you will have to put down the date and time when you want your post to be posted. Note that the time is in 24-hour format. So, if it is 2 PM, you’ll have to write 14.00.

If you’re done filling out the time, click the OK button. You’ll see that the Publish option gets changed to Schedule option. Click that and your post will be posted on the time you selected.


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